Exhibition and project goods
On behalf of customers, Viet A handle exhibition and project cargo logistics for domestic and overseas enterprises include:
- Apply for license of temporary importation-re exportation or temporary exportation-re importation
- Make customs procedure and cargo checking
- Deliver goods to exhibition place
- Further more, we support customers for trading, paying tax, receiving and delivering goods during exhibition time..

The categories of Imported and exported goods :
a/ Imported and exported goods under purchase and sale contracts;
b/ Imported and exported goods for the performance of processing contracts with foreign traders or overseas processing contracts
c/ Imported and exported goods in the form of imported raw materials for the production of goods for export
d/ Goods traded in the form of temporary import for re-export
 e/ Goods brought in or taken out of export-processing enterprises
f/ Goods imported or exported on the spot
g/ Goods imported or exported for the execution of investment projects
       * Imported or exported goods transported from/to border gate.
       * Means of transport by sea or air on exit, entry, in transit or moving to/from port.
Left direction
Right direction